2018: A Year In Review

It was an incredible year filled with beautiful brides, celebrities and commercial/corporate shoots that earned us some awards and a spot in the Boston Wedding Group!

Maryelle Artistry - Boston Wedding Group

The Boston Wedding Group (BWG) is a vetted organization made up of Boston’s best wedding professionals and they chose us to be one of the three makeup artists in their group!

We’ve truly enjoyed getting to know the BWG members and networking with the best in Boston weddings.

Maryelle Artistry - Boston Wedding Group

In addition to joining this spectacular organization, we also won a couple of industry awards!

We received the 2018 Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire and were named Boston’s Best Makeup Artist by Boston Magazine!

Maryelle Artistry - Wedding Wire

We even attended the Best of Boston Weddings Award Ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston!

Maryelle Artistry - Best of Boston Weddings

The industry recognition that we’ve received this year has been unbelievable. However, we know it wouldn’t be possible without our incredible clients.

That’s why, it’s the moments we’ve shared with all of them that matter most.

Photography Credit:  Paper Antler

Photography Credit: Paper Antler

The year was full of fun shoots with incredible people like Cynthia Nyongesa

Maryelle Artistry - Makeup Artist

and Shannon Mulaire from NBC 10 Boston.

Maryelle Artistry - NBC 10 Boston

We had the pleasure of working with multiple celebrities like the casts of Super Troopers 2

Maryelle Artistry - Super Troopers 2
Maryelle Artistry - Crazy Rich Asians

We had so much fun with Susanna Fogel, the writer and director of The Spy Who Dumped Me

Maryelle Artistry - The Spy Who Dumped Me

and our dear friend, Mary Steenburgen, who recently stared in Book Club.

Maryelle Artistry - Book Club

Danielle Russell from Measure of a Man even included us in her own social media post!

Maryelle Artistry - Danielle Russell

Danielle was absolutely thrilled with how we styled her hair and said that no one’s ever made her hair look so good. THAT is what we live for!

We’re so grateful to do what we love while making others look and feel their best. We’re thrilled with all we’ve accomplished in 2018 and look forward to another wonderful year!

It's A Movie Star Summer For Maryelle Artistry

Comedies, dramas and documentaries… it’s been a summer full of movies for our team!

Starting with the Book Club back in May, Maryelle worked behind the scenes with Mary Steenburgen to promote the film.

Mary Steenburgen

Since then, she’s glammed up the photographer and filmmaker for Generation Wealth

Lauren Greenfield Maryelle Artistry

And the writer/director of The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Susanna Fogel

But, it’s Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal that we want to focus on today.

Photography Credit: Aram Boghosian of the Boston Globe

Photography Credit: Aram Boghosian of the Boston Globe

These two men were childhood friends who are now staring in their own movie!

Blindspotting Maryelle Artistry

They were in Boston to promote Blindspotting and we were on site to make sure they looked their best!


However, these actors are more than just good-looking. They are talented, down to earth and genuine guys who we adore!


We wish them all the best on their new movie and encourage everyone to go see the Book Club, Generation Wealth, The Spy Who Dumped Me and Blindspotting before the summer ends!

Maryelle Artistry: A Friend and Fan of the New England Patriots

As we get ready to cheer on our home team in Super Bowl LII, we’re taking a moment to look back and be grateful for the countless times we’ve gotten to know the New England Patriots on a more personal level.

We’ve been at Gillette Stadium to get Bob Kraft ready for interviews in the locker room…

New England Patriots

and in his box seats!

Robert Kraft

We’ve even been to Kraft’s house to get celebrities like, Katie Nolan, glammed up before the Super Bowl LI ring ceremony.

Katie Nolan

Between interviews, major events and photoshoots…

Photography Credit:  Michael Indresano Photography  

Photography Credit: Michael Indresano Photography 

We’ve been there to make sure they look their best…

Photography Credit:  Michael Indresano Photography

Photography Credit: Michael Indresano Photography

And that they’re happy with the final product.

Gronk Ball Brookstone

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman and Devin McCourty…

Devin McCourty + Rob Gronkowski

And we’re excited to cheer them on in hopes that they bring home number SIX!    

Super Bowl Champions

FIST FIGHT!......."There's a crazy guy in my high school and he's trying to beat me up!"

Our artists Kelly and Maryelle had the pleasure of working with the actor and comedian we all know and love...Charlie Day!! ... and director, Richie Keen of FIST FIGHT, coming out next week! The fight is on!!

Charlie Day, best known for his starring role on the popular show, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is taking us back to high school in FIST FIGHT...

FIST FIGHT is a mix of comedy and drama, witnessing Charlie's character (Mr. Campbell) navigate the different struggles of being a high school teacher, including not getting along with his colleague (Ice Cube), whom challenges Mr. Campbell to a FIST FIGHT !

Charlie's roots do not trail too far away from the Boston area...he originally grew up in New York but called Massachusetts his home for some time, as part of Merrimack College's 1998 graduating class.

The Merrimack community truly looks up to Day and had the pleasure of having him as their Class of 2014 Commencement Speaker!

It was a pleasure working with both of you, Charlie and Richie and we look forward to seeing Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan in this funny film !!

See FIST FIGHT in theaters next Friday, the 17th!