The Final Edits: Travel made easy... Roll with Hartmann


Travel made easy...Roll with Hartmann

June 21, 2016










We are so excited to have become part of Hartmann's history!! We worked with them on this shoot for the release of their Gliders, the stylish new luggage on wheels! Read on to learn more about this incredible company's impressive history.

Since it was originally founded in 1877 by Joseph S. Hartmann, a Bavarian trunkmaker, Hartmann luggage has been defined by its excellence. That was the goal of the company right from the start. In Mr. Hartmann's words, he wanted to build "luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence". This company has certainly achieved its goal. Their products are always ahead of the game with their consistent and elegant improvements. In the 1940s, Hartmann developed the lightweight but durable basswood frame for his luggage. During the 60s, he created his first line of luggage for women. Hartmann later hired fashion designers Halston and Gloria Vanderbilt to join his team and create incredibly fashionable luggage during the 80s. And now today, a few years after celebrating their 125th anniversary, they released the Gliders, beautiful luggage on wheels. To learn more about their rich history, check out their website here.


Talent: Natallia Bychanok and Keithen Hergott

Photographer: Eric Levin of Elevin Studios

Producer: Rachel Gianatasio of Elevin Studios

1st Assistant: Matt Thoman of Elevin Studios

2nd Assistant: Lindsay Ahern of Elevin Studios

Stylists: Lydia Santangelo and Dianna Bedrosian of TESstylist

Hair and Makeup: Maryelle O'Rourke of Maryelle Artistry

Tailor: Cozi Cabbera