Our Five Favorite Beauty Products

Here at Maryelle Artistry, we use dozens of products on a daily basis and are constantly keeping up to date with what’s new and what performs best. In the end, each of us have our own favorite product and five of our fabulous makeup artists are sharing theirs with YOU!

MARYELLE: Laura Mercier Flawless Fix Pencil

Maryelle Artistry

Maryelle’s go to product is the Laura Mercier Flawless Fix Pencil. She loves this product because it’s multifunctional.

1. It glides on to create a cupid’s bow on your upper lip making a plumb and sexy look.

2. It takes away any red discoloration from your waterline making your eye look fresh and wide eyed.

3. It works great when covering any small spot of imperfection.

This pencil corrects AND creates, making it one of Maryelle’s absolute favorite beauty products!

Laura Mercier Flawless Fix Pencil

COLBY: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

Maryelle Artistry

Colby highly recommends the Giorgio Armani Eye Tints (especially if you’re a woman on the go)! With just one swipe across your lid, you can create a long-lasting look that will never smudge, crease or fade. It’s a liquid to solid formula that comes in a wide range of colors that can be worn alone or blended together. This product is easy to use, it’s effective and it’s Colby’s all-time favorite beauty product!

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

KELSEY: Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Soft Focus Cream Highlighter

Maryelle Artistry

It’s all about that natural glow! Kelsey loves this product for one simple reason… “Applying this to your cheek bones, inner corner of the eyes, brow bones, cupid's bow, and bridge of nose, will give you a beautiful glow!”

Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Soft Focus Cream Highlighter

MEGAN: Too Faced Hangover Face Primer

Maryelle Artistry

Megan loves this silicone-free product because it smooths the texture of your skin while also hydrating it. This incredible primer applies beautifully, smells great and prolongs the wear of your foundation! A win, win, WIN if you ask Megan!

Too Faced Hangover Face Primer

KELLY: Bye Bye Redness (in Beige) by IT Cosmetics

Maryelle Artistry

Kelly’s makeup kit ALWAYS includes a container of Bye Bye Redness. Not only does it cancel out any redness (from irritation, acne, and rosacea) but it’s also great at covering up scars, age spots and so much more. They now sell this amazing cream in three different colors, but Kelly finds that the original (beige) amazingly blends into most skin tones and does the job perfectly. Kelly uses Bye Bye Redness on almost every client and says it’s one of her absolute favorite products!

Bye Bye Redness (in Beige) by IT Cosmetics

Why You Should Hire A Makeup And Hair Stylist For Your Corporate Photo Shoot

Is it time to update your head shot? Well, don’t do it alone! Hire a makeup and hair stylist to polish your look and get you camera ready!

Photography Credit:  Doug Levy

Photography Credit: Doug Levy

It all starts with your skin…

A camera will enhance the natural shine and redness that’s part of almost everyone’s skin. But, a professional makeup artist will even out your skin tone and create a matte finish. They’ll also cover any scares and/or blemishes, to keep your look natural while making it clean and consistent.

Maryelle Artistry Makeup - Before & After

A good makeup artist will then focus on your eyebrows…

If your eyebrows fade too much at the ends then the camera will make your brows look really short. To combat this, your makeup artist will work to emphasize the mid to end of your eyebrow, applying makeup that makes it look more complete.

Maryelle Artistry Makeup

Finally, the last facial feature that’s super important is your lips. Regardless of whether you're male or female, it’s crucial to have soft, supple and hydrated lips. So, your makeup artist will take care of that as well!

Maryelle Artistry - Male Makeup Artist

Once your face looks polished and professional, it’s time to move on to your hair. Your hair stylist’s goal is to create a lift and add life to your hair.  They’ll focus on getting rid of flyaways while keeping your overall look simple and clean.

Photography Credit:  Jason Grow

Photography Credit: Jason Grow

At the end of the day, your corporate head shot should be a snapshot of the most put together version of yourself. So, hire a professional to help enhance your natural beauty!

Five Steps To Wedding Day Hair + Makeup Bliss

It’s your wedding day! We want you to have the most incredible morning with your closest girls. So, follow these 5 simple steps and get ready to be pampered!

Photography Credit:  Dreamlove Wedding Photography  

Photography Credit: Dreamlove Wedding Photography 


We recommend you shampoo the night before your wedding. But, if your hair gets frizzy overnight, then washing the morning of works well too!


If you have curly hair and you want to keep that natural texture all day long then add in your favorite frizz control product and allow time for your hair to completely dry before your appointment.


If you’re getting an updo then give your hair enough time to completely dry before your appointment. Your hair should only be damp if you've requested a blow out instead!


Wash and Gently exfoliate your face and lips, pat dry and moisturize!


We are going to make you shine!

maryelle with Bride @heather_reinvented copy.jpg

Hair, Makeup and Attire for Your Public Speaking Event

If you're speaking at an upcoming event then you must be an expert in your field.

So, now it's time to look like the master that you are! Stick with us and we'll share with you our tips for the best hair, makeup and fashion styles for your event. 


The best hairstyle for a speaking engagement is one that allows for movement as you walk back and forth during your presentation.

To make that happen, we start at your roots! While your hair is damp we apply a root boosting mousse which we evenly comb through the mid-shaft and ends of your hair.  Then we dry your hair by creating a lift at the roots and working our way down your hair shaft. Once your style is complete, we top it all off with some working spray (instead of a finishing spray). We think Kendra Platinum Working Spray works best! These steps will give your hair the bounce it needs as you walk the stage!


As you walk around (and your hair is bouncing!) certain parts of your face will catch the light. So, when you’re in the makeup chair we’re going to play around with highlights and contour. This will ensure that your best features are captured by the stage lighting. It will enhance the shape and structure of your face just as it did for Shannon Woodward when we did her makeup for the Westworld Premiere Party!


You want to look professional and be relatable which is why we say, “When in Rome dress as the Romans do” and Jill Marinelli, public speaker and personal stylist, agrees!

If your audience is wearing jeans then you shouldn’t be on stage in a three-piece suit. Even if you’re a banker, you’ll come off too stuffy and you won't be relatable. 

However, Jill points out that there’s a fine line between being relatable and being professional. So, she recommends you dress just a little bit better than your audience while making sure your clothes are clean, steamed and tailored just right! That way, your audience knows you’re taking the presentation seriously.

Photography Credit:  Indermaur Media

Photography Credit: Indermaur Media

In the end, you just want to look and feel your best. Because, as Jill says, “When you look good and you feel good… that’s when you do great things.”

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