The Final Edits: Sea the Difference: The Seaport Hotel

You're in great hands at Seaport Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center. 

We worked a few long days on this shoot and the staff was pleasant and so accommodating. Ellen Pels, the wedding consultant was a delight to work with.... a lady that goes that extra mile to make sure things are just right! Edwin Medrano, the hotel beekeeper loves his job!...he’s knowledgeable and passionate about his rooftop hives with 1,000,000 bees that work hard to put the honey on your breakfast table! Richard Rayment, head chef and his staff cooks up some delicious meals for you to enjoy then you can head over to see Mariama Jordan, the fitness director who helps you spin off all those yummy calories. 

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Location: Seaport Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center, 1 Seaport Lane, Boston MA 

Photographer: Stephen Sherman

Photo Assistant: Daniel Tedeschi

Art Director: Brenda Adams

Makeup & Hair: Maryelle O’Rourke