Preparation Tips for
Your Makeup and/or Hair Trial

 Makeup Tip Preparation

  • Come with a clean (makeup free), freshly washed and lightly exfoliated face/skin. Use the products from your typical skin care routine.

  • If you normal hydrate your skin after cleansing then use a light layer of your moisturizer (again, use the product that you typically always use) all over your face. Please note: Today is not a day to try any new moisturizer or creams.

Hair Tip Preparation

  • Bring your hair accessories/veil with you. Your head piece can completely transform your hairstyle and help you decide what looks best with your piece.

  • STRAIGHT/WAVY HAIR: Wash and blow dry your hair using little to no products the night before or the morning of your trial (if you know you have time to come with your hair COMPLETELY DRY) and use a flat iron to tame any frizz.

  • CURLY HAIR: If your hair is curly and you would like the artist to work with your natural texture (recommended especially in humid environments) use your favorite product for your curls and give your hair enough time to dry naturally before your appointment with your stylist.

General Tip Preparation

  • Wear a shirt that matches the color of your dress and neckline design, if possible.

  • Knowing what makeup and hair styles you like is just as important as knowing what looks you don’t like. Pictures are worth a thousand words and Pinterest is full of inspirational makeup and hair style images. Bring those images with you along with a picture of your dress so the artist can get a sense of your personal style.

  • We are here to make you look your best and understanding your personal style is important for us to know, so share your thoughts with your stylist. This is the whole purpose of having a trial.

  • And most importantly, relax and enjoy!