Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Hair + Makeup Trials

Wedding planning is fun but it is also filled with lots of choices and decisions that need to be made! There’s no question about that. But, when it comes to wedding hair and makeup we’ve got you covered! That’s why we’re breaking down the who, what, where, when, why and how of wedding hair and makeup trials. 

Makeup Artist

WHO should you bring?

Your hair and makeup trial is about YOU. It’s a chance to test out your vision and gain confidence in your wedding day look. That’s why we suggest you bring just one person along for the ride.

Of course, everyone wants you to look your best on your big day but multiple people bring multiple opinions and will likely drown out how you really feel. So, we recommend you bring your absolute bestie! The person who knows your style better than anyone and can help clear your mind if you start to get overwhelmed.

WHAT should you bring to the trial?

In addition to your bestie there are three more things you’ll want to bring! First on the list… PICTURES.  

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and they can help us understand your vision and personal style better than anything else. For example, a bride may say she wants her hair up high. However, “high” means something different to everyone. So, if she brings a photo showing just how high she’s talking then the message will become a whole lot clearer.

In addition to pictures, you should bring the hair accessories that you want to incorporate into your look.  Even if it’s not the exact piece that you plan to use, you should still bring something similar in shape and size.  

Wedding Hair Accessories

Finally, make sure you wear the right clothing to your trial. Choose a shirt that resembles the color and shape of your wedding dress. A top with the same neckline as your gown will help you determine the best style for your hair while the color will help you match your makeup!


WHERE does the trial take place?

Most trials take place at a salon. We’ve partnered with Icon Salon in Newton Center and often meet our clients there. However, if a bride lives nearby, we’re willing to meet at her home as we’re constantly looking to make our clients as comfortable as possible!    

WHEN should you have your wedding trial?  

Hair and makeup stylists often require a nonrefundable deposit to hold a wedding date. Some brides prefer to have their trial before they make that deposit. If you’d like to meet with your hair and makeup artist before you secure them for your wedding then we're happy to schedule your trial right away.

However, if you feel comfortable with your stylist then book them immediately and schedule your trial closer to your wedding date. We typically recommend having your trial in the same season as your big day. For example, if you’re getting married in August then you should aim to have your trial in June. Keeping your trial in the same season as your wedding will allow you to have the same skin tone during each makeup appointment. 


That being said, you should schedule your trial three months prior to your wedding date. Creating a three-month buffer will give you time to reschedule in case of an emergency (ie. weather or illness).

WHY are trials important?

There are a few reasons why hair and makeup trials are important. The first is it gives a chance for your stylist to learn about your personal style as well as your skin and hair type. Then the two of you can explore the options for the best makeup and hair looks that work with your personal style and your dress. You will also be able to see how well this look holds for the camera (for your photos) as well as in person (as you greet your guest).


Finally, your trial is the perfect time to connect with your stylist on a personal level giving you the opportunity to develop that relationship before your big day. Your wedding day may be a bit stressful and seeing a familiar face behind the chair could be just what you need to help you feel relaxed and pampered.  

HOW should you prepare your hair and skin for your trial?

When it comes to your hair, make sure it’s clean. We recommend you shampoo the night before your trial. But, if your hair gets frizzy overnight, then washing the morning of works well too. 

Keeping your frizz under control is important. So, if you have curly hair and you want to keep that natural texture all day then add in your favorite frizz control product and allow time for your hair to completely dry before your appointment.

In fact, anyone who is getting an updo needs to give their hair enough time to completely dry before their appointment. Your hair should only be damp if you've requested a blow out instead of an updo style. 

Once your hair is set, just wash and gentle exfoliate your face, pat dry and moisturize then head out the door! It’s time for your wedding hair and makeup trial and it's going to be a blast!